Sunday, June 27, 2010

I lost 2.9 pounds!!! A harder week.

I lost another 2.9!!! Hurray, but I still have a lot of stuff to talk about. So I figured you could see my video first. so here it is.

Well first of all I should let you know that I now have a new goal for my self that I will no longer weigh my self during the week and limit my self to weighing in only once a week.

On Saturday June 19Th I had this urge to weigh my self wanting to see how I was doing for that week, and I found a scale at the hospital that weighed me so I thought no harm done. So I proceeded to drive over to the hospital and weigh my self, after having eaten, of course you know the outcome of that. I gained. I was devastated I didn't know what to say. All I could do is turn away from the scale and walk away. I was angry I almost said a curse word, and for those of you who know me, I do not cuss. Lets just say I was sad, angry, and on the verge of tears. Did I say once to my self, "Charles look how far you have come", "Look how much weight you have lost", no I didn't I, just felt shocked.

After getting in to the car I asked my self, "Did I not follow my plan?", "Did I do something wrong?", I couldn't think of anything. I told my self to, JUST GET OVER IT, and MOVE ON. Usually when I tell my self this I feel better, but the idea of my first gain scared me, and scared me bad. I had this irrational fear that I was going to wake up and be 590 pounds again and there was nothing that I could do about it.

As you can see I went to my meeting and I lost. Again I was surprised, shocked, and over joyed, but still suffering from the after effects of the thought of weight gain. I will post the video that I made post weigh in and you can see how I react. here it is.

After leaving the meeting I felt a lot better, but my fear wasn't gone. I decided who better to talk to about thin than Juan Te, my weight watchers leader, and walking partner, I expressed to her my fear of gaining all of my weight back, and she told me that I was not the only one who had this fear, and as I continue on my Journey, which I had no intention of giving up, that I would see results, and that losing weight comes with a lot of emotion and sometimes you don't always know how to deal with these emotions. She suggested counseling and I think that is something that would be beneficial to me.
Being a large man, okay lets face it, morbidly obese, I have a lot of emotions that I need to over come during this journey, which will help me be the improved, thin Charles that I want to be.
After talking to Juan Te, and understanding that one week I will have a gain. It is inevitable. I feel a lot better. I still know that I can do this, and I will. I wanted to write about this because this is real. Life isn't always perfect, and everyone has things that drag them down from time to time. I am so grateful to my wife, Juan Te, and all of you guys, my friends.
Now on a happier note. I will have another weigh in on Wednesday so I'll be posting that as soon as I can after that.
Also Carly and I are going to start doing Zumba. I am way excited about that, I tried it on Friday and I loved it. I will keep you all posted on that.
P.S.S. I have been meaning to get my before and up til now picture up so that will be soon.
Thank you all for your support, we are doing it. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weigh in 6/16/2010

For a while I will not be weighing in on Mondays and I will start weighing in on Wednesdays so I will get an update on my weight as soon as I know. thank you.

I forgot my camera for this weigh in so I will have to just have the video up for the next time. I just wanted to let you all know that I lost another 6.3 and my new weight is now 507.3 that is a total of 82.7 pounds lost. I love the way that my brother puts it "I hope you don't find those pounds that you lost". I know it's corny but I thought it was funny. :) I also have some cool posts that I will be adding soon so be looking for those.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

weigh in week 11

I lost 7.4 pounds this week and I can't tell you how good that feels. I have lost a total of 76.4 pounds and I can't stop smiling.

Carly, my wife, is also on a roll she lost another 2 pounds for a total of 38 pounds in 11 weeks. You go Carly!!!

So here is my video we forgot to turn it off so it's a little long.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weigh in week 10

Because yesterday was memorial day, I was not able to weigh in, so I weighed in today and I will be posting the video soon.

For those that want to know now I lost 1 pound which isn't bad. That means that I have lost a total of 69 pounds in 10 weeks.

Well it took a while to get the video uploaded but here it is :)